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2008 Till Now

When chef-owner Michael Chun first spotted the quaint cottage in Roseville, he knew it to be the perfect spot for his dream restaurant ‘Saveur’ where he could express his love of French cuisine. A decade on since its conception Saveur has become and remained a favourite for lovers of European and Modern Australian fare in an understated yet classy setting.

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With an impressive resume and over three decades of experience in international hotels, fine dining, catering for big names, executive chef in the biggest, busiest and most profitable restaurants in Sydney it is no wonder Michael has managed to keep both Saveur and his other restaurant Peppercorn@Cremorne (2001 – 2017) alive and flourishing.

In 2017 Michael decided to close Peppercorn to devote his energies solely to the upgrading of Saveur and has brought it to its former excellence.
Regulars and newcomers alike have shown their delight at the consistently high standard that has prevailed since Michael took over as full-time chef-owner from January 2018.

The cottage

The cottage where Saveur Restaurant is located was completed in October 1913 by the owner Arthur Marshall McIntosh (1881-1953), a dentist. He was the twelfth of fifteen children of the Rev. George McIntosh, a descendant of a Scottish family emigrated in Australian in 1814 and settled in the North Shore district of Sydney.

This historical place was from the beginning not only a typical residential house but a home with a specific business purpose. There are no certainties in this regard, but we believe that the given name “Moy Lodge”, as it was called the dental practice of Arthur Marshall McIntosh in 1921, was a tribute to the village of Moy, from where his ancestor came.

The building is classic Australian architecture of 1910-1930, brick construction on sandstone base with formally decorated ceilings. Saveur Restaurant preserves in the ceramic tiles in front of the two fireplaces the crest of the Scottish clan McIntosh, symbolised by a rampant cat and by the motto "Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove" (that means “Touch not the cat without a glove”).

The premises became a restaurant in the 80’s in the previous incarnations such as La Belle Helene, Yan's and Bella Mia. After a complete refurbishment by the new owner Sung Woo Michael Chun October 2008, the restaurant is now known as Saveur, the French word for "flavour/taste", still serving traditional but innovative European cuisine.